Karnage Asada is a brand new Latin-Asian cuisine truck that is ready to serve Hampton Roads. Come and get the smack down!


Karnage Asada Food Truck

Now serving Hampton Roads and the surrounding area!

  • Karnage Asada

    The name “Karnage Asada” is our fun little play on words. We named our business after our homemade carne asada recipe, which was the inspiration for our entire menu of Latin-Asian cuisine. Our unique recipes combine fresh smacks from Asia and Latin America.
  • Now Serving Hampton Roads!

    Karnage Asada officially opened for business in January, 2014. We've been busy scheduling routes and booking events. We hope to see or hear from you soon!
  • Food Truck Services

    - Corporate Catering
    - Party Catering
    - Event Catering
    - Reunion Services
    - Sporting Events

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