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Karnage Asada is the brainchild of Marty & Donna Oard. Their combined passion for cooking, years of experience, and creativity in the kitchen have come together in this award-winning food truck that opened officially in January of 2014. It has been recognized by Veer Magazine, Virginia Living Magazine and the Virginian Pilot, amongst others. Karnage Asada’s smack down cuisine has been so loved that their second truck made its official debut in May 2016! Both trucks have the same menu, now serving double the homies.

Donna Oard

Donna Oard

President (Yin)

Born and raised by her Mexican-American parents in Southern California, Donna Oard is no stranger to great food and great food trucks. Cooking her family’s recipes from scratch since before she could read, she understands the value of fresh ingredients, original tastes and perfection. Donna has been a leader of the food truck movement in Southeastern Virginia, and is a founder of the Hampton Roads Food Truck Association. With years of sales and marketing experience, she brings creativity and knowledge of the “big picture” to the food truck industry. She enjoys managing the overall operation of the company.

Marty Oard

Marty Oard

Vice President (Yang)

Marty Oard is a retired Coast Guard officer who has been developing his originality in the kitchen since he was eight years old. Taught to cook by his mother, Marty likes to experiment with new flavors and recipes. His military experience allows him to manage the logistics and maintenance of the truck and his crew. He has been home brewing since 1996, which is why you can find the truck hanging out at all our local breweries.

Our Street Team

Simply the best. Karnage Asada stands on the shoulders of qualified people who love to cook, whether it was in the home or at a school. We hire those who focus on quality and service. If you want to join our team, fill out our online form.

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